I am a Disfigured Victim of Botched Plastic Surgery in Korea and Seoul Touchup is responsible.

Seoul Touchup took me to two clinics, “Jeil Gangnam PS” and “The Plastic Surgery,” where after numerous surgeries and procedures the results kept getting worse.

Don’t ever believe what Seoul Touchup promises on their website but should look at what they had done on my 3 trips!!! Here is my horrific surgical story of 3 botched surgeries for anyone who’s considering having plastic surgery in Seoul, South Korea…

Here are my real ”before and after” shots…

Because of Seoul Touchup I have suffered permanent devastating damage to my face which has ruined my life…

After 3 botched trips to Korea and spending $60,000 ($60K) I was left to suffer with permanent, irreparable damage to my face.

That’s why I had to fly back to Korea on the year 2013 to revision these shoddy technics were operated on 2012 and on the year 2015 I had to fly back to Korea again to revision my botched face was disfigured on 2013. It’s really inconvenience for the international customers like me who has to flew 30 hours oversea for each round trip.

  • They destroyed my looked when I smile.
  • I cry every time I look at my face in the mirror.
  • I break out and cry every time someone wants to take a picture of me.
  • I try to avoid any situation where my face will be in picture.
  • My coworkers make fun of me they said, why I have to spend too much time and money to get this freakish face?

Seoul Touchup Is a Dishonest Business, yes a scam and Seoul Touchup’s dishonesty left me miserable and scarred for life

Seoul Touchup’s website says, “They well aware of good and bad of each clinics and they will choose the best specialist for their customers, it’s important to get right at first time”. Well, all they did was take me to bad clinics with all idiot incompetent doctors. In fact, Seoul Touchup they know nothing about good or bad clinics but they just take customers to whatever clinic which give them good commission.

So if Seoul Touchup they think it is important to get it right at first. So why on the first trip they took me to the horrible clinic which has surgeon who has no skill, talent and poor experiences??? After the result outcomes on my face I wondered this’s the best specialist that Seoul Touchup chose for my case or the worst than ever???

So if Seoul Touchup is “well aware of good and bad of each clinic” that means:

  • Now my life should be much happier and I could have saved a lot of money.
  • Now my coworkers they don’t make fun of my botched face and people they don’t stare at my face when I smile.
  • Now I should not cry every time I look at my face in the mirror and of course
  • Now I don’t have to suffer this permanent devastating result on my face.

Stop lying to customers by saying “The best plastic surgeons in Korea meet Seoul Touchup doctors” It is such a fraudulent money making and scamming. Shame on these people that they claimed they well aware good and bad of each clinic and their doctors have at least 10 years experiences but so far Seoul Touchup took me go to two different clinics with three different doctors had worked on my face but all of them they only be able to ruin, disfigure, destroy and transform from normal to defect instead.

Stop ripping off innocent people and taking their hard-earned money!!! Stop taking patients to clinics that specialize in botched plastic surgeries.

Why did I choose Plastic Surgery? Why Korea? Why Seoul Touchup?

On my face it had nothing wrong with it. There were no defects. I just wanted my eyelids surgery to make me look a little younger. But they suggested me do more things on my face. That is when my nightmare began. After the first clinic botched my all procedures that they suggested, then I returned to Korea twice to have surgery fixed and my face just kept getting worse and ugly than my original face.

Why did I choose Korea?

The reason I chose Korea for my beauty trip was because I am Asian, and the clinics in Korea advertised that they “Specialized in Asian Beauty.” it doesn’t mean there are not great clinics in the United States, but I chose Korea because they specialize in Asian body types. People say Korea is the best place for plastic surgery in the world. That’s why I want to spend my money at the best place in the world.

Why did I choose Seoul Touchup?

I chose Seoul Touchup because on their website they said. “THE BEST PLASTIC SURGEONS IN  KOREA  MEET SEOUL TOUCHUP DOCTORS.” On their website they also said they well aware of good and and bad of each clinic so they can choose the most ideal surgeons for their customers specific case. What a lie! After my three botched surgeries at 2 different clinics and now I know Seoul Touchup is a fraud and they are only interested in scamming innocent people out of their money.

Here are 3 Korean ”plastic surgeons” to run away from…


Dr. Kim, Clinic: Jeil Gangnam PS


Dr. Jaejin Ock, Clinic: The Plastic Surgery


Dr. Sucheol Kim, Clinic: The Plastic Surgery

Yes! The news is full of stories about unqualified Korean doctors doing plastic surgery…

“Part of the problem is that plastic surgery is so lucrative that unqualified doctors have been drawn in – or rather doctors qualified in other areas of quite different medicine. It’s alleged that procedures have been done by what are called “ghost doctors”. In one court case, it’s claimed that the advertised doctor slipped out of the operating room once the patient was under the anaesthetic and the job was then botched by the replacement surgeon. On top of that, it’s emerged that some before-and-after photos have had a bit of surgery themselves – surgery of the Photoshop variety.” Victims of a craze for cosmetic surgery Stephen Evans | BBC News, Seoul
Some Korean doctors are voicing concern. The flood of demand has spawned a cluster of unlicensed hospitals, brokers and unqualified doctors, according to Dr. Cha of the plastic surgeon association. “If there are 10 plastic surgeons out there, there are another 100 who are not qualified,” he said. Plastic Surgery Tourism Brings Chinese to South Korea Alexandra Stevens | New York Times |  December 23, 2014

Here is the proof of an unqualified surgeon—Dr. Jaejin Ock

Why would Seoul Touchup take me to a specialist in Breast Reconstruction to have Facial Bone Contouring surgery?


Dr. Jaejin OK
The Plastic Surgery
Seoul, Kangnam-gu Nonhyeon-ro 868, Gujeong building 5th and 6th Floor
Tel: 82.2.1644.5998

On my second trip in 2013 Seoul Touchup told me they would take me to a specialist in Facial Bone Contouring, but they took  me to Dr. Jaejin OK who as you can see specializes in BREAST RECONSTRUCTION. 

No wonder I had to have my nose and chin “revised” 3 times and my jaw bone on the right side was over shaved. Again Dr. Jaejin Ok specializes in BREAST RECONSTRUCTION not Facial Bone Contouring.

More false advertising—Dr Sucheol Kim says he is an expert on ”anti-aging”


Dr. Sucheol Kim
The Plastic Surgery
Seoul, Kangnam-gu Nonhyeon-ro 868, Gujeong building 5th and 6th Floor
Tel: 82.2.1644.5998

Say Dr. Sucheol Kim who is an expert on anti-aging and can give his patients a “babyface.” But he actually made me look like an alien—maybe he should put on The Plastic Surgery clinic website that he specializes in creating “horrible alien faces!”

Seoul Touchup should stop taking clients to unqualified doctors who specialize in botching surgeries

These unqualified doctors need to hone their special skills with even more practice or they should quit their job to save people lives.

So far Seoul Touchup took me go to two different clinics with three different doctors worked on my face but all of them they only able know how to ruin, destroy, disfigure and transform people face from normal to defect only. Although Seoul Touchup they advertised that their doctors have at least 10 years experience. But based on the results on my face in three trips, I don’t think these doctors have even have 10 months experience. In three trips I have to suffered too much experiences hardship with them but Seoul Touchup never admit their mistake and kept trying to defend for their doctors by sending me some emails they said:

  • “We believe that your case is medically and cosmetically fine“.
  • I  reply to them I said. “If you think my that my case is medically and cosmetically fine so go ahead put that photo on your website it’s such an advertisement for your business and also let people in this world see this is an excellent (DISASTER) results were created by Seoul Touchup’s doctors, by that way you can have more customers”.
  • Another email they told me I “have to continue used by force making expression to build up the muscles at the particular area on my face”. “So what’s the hell???” After I paid $ 60k for cosmetic surgery and now I have making this CRAP expression to build the muscle on my face that they had ruined??? However, I have a question for them is what’s kind the dumb of the medical technics as style that they have been practiced and operated on my face???  MEDICAL MALPRACTIC??? 
  • And the other email they said. “Please understand that every individual condition has different potential for the level of change”. Seriously, this’s another stupid reason tried to conceal the mistake was caused by their idiot surgeons but it makes none sense.
  • For example like my eyelids Dr. he made unequally size eyes so how can it change to make the same each other???
  • Of course it cannot adjust or fix up that botched surgery by itself.
  • So they should wake up their brain and think about that every individual condition change from drastic to natural or normal to worst that depending on doctors’ experience, design style, personality and philosophy that how on Seoul Touchup’s website said.

Actually, I’m old enough to know every individual condition change require those doctors who has highly skills in that field and wide experiences in medical art, the results cannot look good while in the surgeon’s brain didn’t have sufficiently trained and empty experience. So I’m not a little kids don’t need to trick me by that way it sounds so stupid.

Shame on these people that their doctors did poorly job but they didn’t admit that mistake but keep blame for conditions are not change. So how can it change while doctors did botched surgeries work???

As I also told them that I really don’t want to talk rude, impolite or cussing at people but angry me that my face have revision so many times, spent $60k and the results looked SO SICK (I want to throw up). But they kept insisting that my case is medically and cosmetically fine (I hope that they are not blind). “They should put themselves in my situation then they can understand my feel feeling”.

My 3 Trips to Korea

Awful results—3 different doctors, more and more surgeries, the results just kept getting worse and worse.

My botched surgeries on my first trip to Korea in 2012

This is Dr. Kim of the Jeil Gangnam PS clinic who botched surgeries on my first trip to Korea in 2012. He suggested and performed procedures which made me look awful. After his surgery:
  1. My left eyelid was bigger than the right one.
  2. His Silhouette threadlike procedure made my cheek sunken in which made me looked  awful like old lady.
  3. He injected Goretax into my face which made that area bumpy then I had spent extra $$$ money to remove it. It caused numerous scars on my face.
  4. He also suggested me inject some material into my face that can make my skin more brighter but actually day after day it made my skin worse. Two months later I had to find Dr. skin care to correct darkened my skin. This was caused by shoddy materials. Horrible jobs that caused me pay more $$$ money to corrected it and revision as well.

Here you can see the botched results of 2012 trip…


Eyelids after surgery

Here are my eyelids a few days after my first surgery. You can see the left eyelid is obviously bigger than the right.


Eyelids after 1 year

My eyelids a year after my first surgery. You can see there is no change, as the left is still bigger then the right.


Cheek sunken/ awful skin

Dr. Kim also suggested a procedure to make my skin brighter. But he actually made my skin darker.

Eyelids size not the same

Take a look on both creases of my eyelids were totally differences each other and unequally size eyes. I had to pay an extra $2,800 dollars for Dr. Kim on the second trip in 2013 to revise only one eye but he couldn’t make the same. Hence Seoul Touchup’s doctors they got a very bad aesthetic view and lousy skill. 

Skin supposed to be brighter but actually darker

Skin…. After Dr. Kim injected some shoddy material into my face then day after day my skin turned dark like black people although Dr. Kim he suggested me that this procedure will make my skin more brighter. Then after two months I had to find the Dr. who specialize in skin care and of course I had to paid extra $$$$ for them to correct it.

Cheeks sunken in

And also take a look at my cheek that Dr. Kim he did Silhouette threadlike. It’s stupid technic that made my right cheek sunken in, these shoddy technics that’s only Seoul Touchup’s doctors have. What’s waste time and money to these awful idiot results on my face then I had to spend extra $$$$ for Dr. on second trip in 2013 to remove it.

My second trip back to Korea in 2013 to fix the botched surgeries from 2012

This is Dr. Jaejin Ock from the clinic “The Plastic Surgery” He specialize in “breast reconstruction”. But Seoul Touchup took me to him to have facial bone contouring.  

No wonder why my nose and chin had 3 times revision and my jaw bone on the right side was over shaved. At this time I added some more procedures on my face to have harmony face like the way they suggested me.

They said. “On the first trip there was something on my face was not complete that’s why it looked awkward” and they gave me for example. They said. “no matter people who has big eyes and high nose but the rest of their face isn’t define it still looks awkward”.

So desire to have a perfect face I don’t mind to spent a big $$$ money and do every single part on my face like what they’ve suggested. Finally, I have had a ” Freaking face” instead. So If Seoul Touchup’s doctors won’t be able do like what they advertised then they’d better keep their mouths shut and don’t put people’s lives at the risk with a big change in their life but not like the kind they wanted. it’s worst feeling and deeply regret after botched surgery.

Dr. Jaejin Ock who botched my surgery on the second trip 2013.

More botched surgeries on my second trip in 2013 with Dr. Kim

Dr. Sucheol Kim from the clinic “The Plastic Surgery”. He botched a number of surgeries on my second trip in 2013. 

Because Dr. Kim from Jeil Gangnam PS did badly botched my first surgeries then I have arrange a second trip to Korea to remove and revision, then Seoul Touchup took me to a different clinic name: The Plastic Surgery where they promised they will make it right at this time with flawless seamless which had been so badly botched by the first Dr. Kim. But In fact they suggested even more surgical procedures to have harmony face. However, I was so naive and believed what they told me and I don’t mind to spend a big $$$$ money to undo what was done in my first surgery and then promised the additional procedures would make me happy with my new perfect face.

At this time I was quite worry about risking another surgery but I thought Seoul Touchup had learning the mistake on the first trip and they will choose the best specialist for my specific case as they advertised on their website. But unfortunately, the more I have done the most it’s getting worse. They made my dreams came to nightmare they disfigured my face instead, they put my life at the risk and end up horrible disastrous results.

This is Dr. Sucheol Kim  who completely botched my face on my second trip in 2013

Results of surgeries on my second trip in 2013, Dr. Jaejin Ock and Dr. Sucheol Kim

facing_right1facing_left1The right side of my face after 7 days… There were a big problems on the second trip 2013. A week after surgery the nurse they remove the bandage on my face then I came back to the hotel and immediately look at myself in the mirror I was stunned and burst in tears because doctors they have already destroyed my looked .

  1. They  pulled my skin super super tight around the hairline.
  2. The skin surface was bumpy and cumbersome.
  3. Inside of the left nostril was sagging and bleeding.
  4. The right side of my chin the skin was sagging when I talk it looked awful.

I called Seoul Touchup coordinator come to see my horrible face then Joon and Kang they came they also saw that I cried. I told them that I really want to see doctors on very next day but at that day was Korean’s holiday I have to wait a couple days to see doctors again.

I was really depressed and couldn’t sleep, I cried all whole day and night was because I knew with some permanent procedures such as bone or skin (facial tissue) once doctors they have already cut-off, shaved or removed there is no way can fix.

But unfortunately, it was happened exactly like what I thought right after Dr. they checked-up they sent me into the operation room to have nose and chin revision. Oh God!!! They put my life in the risk again, the pain and fear that I just deal not even go away yet then I have to cope with them again. 

And with the face lift Dr. Kim he kept saying it will getting better but I know when he says that it means there’s no way can fix once he ruined underneath of my facial tissue. I know he says that just make me calm down and don’t worry about that. But now I have to bear this permanent disaster, on the right side of my face it’s really tight  and really bother me, it’s a horrible felling that I to deal very day and wishing that I have not seen these BOGUS Seoul Touchup company as their IDIOT surgeons so my life can be much happier.

It’s such a nightmare and it will obsess on whole the rest of my life, because only in 10 days I have had underwent 2 times surgeries to fix my nose and chin as I mention above. But at this revision doctor Ock he shifted my chin too much forward made it looks unnaturally.

I told the Seoul Touchup Coordinator that there’re more problems on my face, the nose was crooked and my chin protruded forward it looks not natural at all. But they insisted that everything looked fine. Then over a year later I had to fly  back to Korea fix it again. True that all of them they didn’t have aesthetic eyes in this field that caused me 3 times travel oversea to revision these stupid results.

After 3 months my face still looked horrible!

Even 3 months after the “revision” surgery to fix the prior botched surgeries it was really obvious to see that my face was disfigured…
  1. The part from the temples go all the way down to my ears are depressed.
  2. The part at the lower eyelid on the right side is bump up.
  3. My cheek was sunken in.
  4. My eyelids were not the same size although I paid extra $2,800 dollars to revision just one eyelid.
  5. After “revision” surgery my chin protruded out unnaturally.
It is obvious to see Seoul Touchup’s surgeons were not skilled and completely botched my face. At first I was very courteous and generous to the them as on the first 2012 and second 2013 trips when the results looked awful but I didn’t give them any bad reviews and still gave them more time to solve this problem.
But after the third trip on 2015 they couldn’t make my face looks natural, but they kept insisting that my case is medically and cosmetically fine.

Therefore, now I have to speech up to inform the people in this world know that everything Seoul Touchup say on their website just a big lie, fraud, deceive and scam making money. In fact, they’re not on customers side, not advocate for customers surgeries and of course they didn’t against unexpected situations like what they said.

As everybody can see my nose was crooked, it caused by incompetent hands but they said that from my original nose. Seriously, (it’s such a stupid way tried to defend for their partner). So everybody can see on my original picture my nose was not crooked at all. But if my original nose was crooked then their jobs as plastic surgeons they are supposed to make it look perfect not destroy my looked that’s how people in this world they spend money for cosmetic surgery. There’s no one in this earth wanted to spend $60k to have these stupid results on their face.

Fat Grafting only lasted a few weeks…

As on the second trip 2013 they suggested me inject fat grafting on my face which make me looked 10 year younger. Then I have to paid a few thousands for this procedure but it last only a few weeks, I asked them why it won’t last??? They said, “that’s depending on the individual’s condition such as eating, sleeping habit or physical condition”. Well, I have none of these problems. (This’s another ridiculous reason tried to cover for their incompetent surgeons). What’s waste time and money to have this CRAP procedure on my face.

However, I also asked some American surgeons about this procedure they said.
“Fat grafting is highly skilled procedure, requiring a surgeons with experience and knowledge to perform it successfully. The survival of the fat will upon those skills and will be the result of how the fat was harvested, how it was purified. Especially, a “process called micro fat grafting” though labor intensive is the best way to ensure that the highest percentage of grafted fat will take. When done successfully, the injected fat grows a new blood supply and begins to receive the nourishment it needs to survive from your body, when this happen the results can and often are long lasting”.

Well my results from the doctors Seoul Touchup took me to were not long lasting. My results only lasted a few weeks. So stop rip off people’s money if their surgeons have poorly experience in this procedure, it’s not right at all while people they have to pay a few thousands for this procedure but it’s only last a few weeks.

Seoul Touchup surgeons made my face look like a freak.

They use “unique” techniques and styles that only SeoulTouchup’s surgeons practice—this must mean they specialize in making freakish faces!

This is final results that I have had revision on March 2015.

pic-logo1So take a look at the front of my face to see the STUPID SHAPE that Seoul Touchup’s surgeons created on my face. The part at the temples are narrow, the top of my right cheek is bump up when I smile, below that part 3 centimeters is sunken in and both cheeks are wider that made my face looked awful, it looks like clown’s face in the circus, it’s stupid medical technics that I haven’t seen in my life. This practice has led so many of international customer faces been harmed and extremely disappointed with their aesthetic beauty.

Regrading to this issue in three trips kept doing and revision I think Seoul Touchup’s surgeons “need to hone their special skills with even more practice or they should quit their job to save people lives”. Because they have no skills, talents, aesthetic eyes and creative mind in this field at all.

After all of the botched surgeries of course Seoul Touchup did not take any responsibility…

After underwent so many time of botched surgeries I asked Seoul Touchup’s manager that I want my refund then I received the email from them they said. “It would be difficult to happen as long as I find the 3rd party to do this job”. Then I ask them what do you mean? they said it means I have to find the international lawyer to do my case. So I wondered what’s the hell of the business are they operating???

On the Seoul Touchup website they said that they’re on the customers side, will advocate for customers surgeries and against unexpected situations and now I have to find international lawyer for my case…  “what’s the hell?” Because of their IDIOT surgeons I have to spent $60k already and now I have to spend extra a big $$$$ money for international lawyers??? So what’s kind of the bullshit claimed the best plastic surgery in the world then put my life in miserable situation like that??? And now I have question for them.” So what do they means they are on customers side???” It means they convince customers do every single part on their face and then take the money without refund nor compensate if procedures went wrong??? it’s such a rip off… “COMPLETELY UNTRUSTWORTHY”.

However, all my money that I paid to Seoul Touchup and now I just know them only. I’m their victim with traumatic experiences, emotional trauma, physical injury, financial loss for botched surgeries. Therefore, everybody must stay away from this BOGUS company as their idiot plastic surgeons, if everybody doesn’t want to spend extra money for international lawyers after they ruined your face.

This is Absolutely Nightmare With Medical Malpractice Trip In Seoul South Korea.

pic-logo2This is the final result in March 2015 after 3 trips to Korea.

So take a look at 45 degree angle on my left face it looks disgusting when I smile, it caused by full face lift was operated by Dr. Kim on the second trip in 2013. So I wondered what’s of freaking face lift technic that he performed on my face??? On the both side of the temple go all the way down to my ears are depressed look like he scraped all my muscle at that area away, the skin surface is bumpy cumbersome, the part at lower eyelid is bump up below that part 3 centimeters is sunken in looked awful. my face was completely destroyed by his lousy technic.

I also asked them why the part from the temple go all the way down to  my ears are depressed? Then I received the email from Seoul Touchup they said. “it’s very hard to explain why and how the muscles are positioned like that when I smile”. So what??? Their doctors they are the one who worked on my face and now they say that they don’t know my muscles positioned like that. It’s ashamed for these agents that they advertised their doctors have at least 10 years experiences and now have some problems they couldn’t explain for their customers.

True that Seoul Touchup’s doctors didn’t have sufficiently trained and poorly experience that’s why  the results on my face looked horrific, it looks worse than some doctors who just get off from medical school did.

However, Seoul Touchup they suggested me “have to continue used by force making expression to develop the muscles at that particular areas”. Honestly, after I read this email I was really angry and want to cuss them with the bad words is because on my original face it has no thing wrong such as crooked, cleft or defect ect… and all the muscles were fine but after three trips back and forth

I had to fly total 90 hours travel time, kept doing and revision spent $60k, deal with extremely pain and horrible experiences hardship.

Finally, I were told have to continue used by force to making expression to build up the muscle at that particular areas. Seriously, this is a CRAP plastic surgery in the world ever. I had never seen people in this earth after spent $60k for plastic surgery then they come back home have to making this CRAP expression to build up the muscle on their face.

So if this method was worked well on people face I think they don’t need to come to the clinic to inject Box, Filler, fat grafting ect… on their face to make it full and firm, so if this method was worked well on people face I think people in this world they could save a lot of money and all the plastic surgeons they have to quit their job because they have nothing to do.

Normally, people they exercise to build up the muscle on their body not on their face. So don’t tell do this silly and crazy expression to fix up the botched surgeries, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s such an IDIOT method that I haven’t heard in my life. Thus, everyone has to beware and stay away from these agents as clinics if everyone doesn’t want they’re telling you guys have to making this CRAP expression to build up the muscles on your face after they they ruined, destroyed, disfigured your face.

They Put My Life In The Risk And End Up With Horrible Disastrous Results

This is final results that I have had revision on March 2015.

final2-logo1So just take a look at 45 degree angle on the right side of my face. it looks hideous when I smile. They were completely destroyed underneath of my facial tissue by face lift procedure on second trip 2013. Then on the third trip 2015 they tried to inject stem cell fat grafting on that area tried to cover up this botched face. However, they have to wake up their brains and think about stem cell,  fat grafting  just effective way to reduce wrinkles, crow feet and can be minimize the lines between nose and mouth etc… of course stem cell and fat grafting cannot fix up botched surgeries and can’t bring back the facial tissue that they have ruined as my muscles that they have already scrapped away. (As everyone can see in this picture).

Because it’s totally different procedures, one is permanent and the other just reduce wrinkles and minimize the lines etc… So if stem cell and  fat grafting can fix up some botched surgeries that means people in this world they don’t have to suffered these permanent devastating results on their face were created by these IDIOT surgeons who didn’t have sufficiently trained and worst experiences.

What Seoul Touchup promises you is a lie…

“If they claimed that Korea is the best plastic surgery in the world and want to compare with other places, so at least their medical technics are supposed to be perfect with flawless seamless”.

It’s really shame for them to claimed be the best in the world and compare with other places while their medical techincs were SO SICK that have disfigured so many international customer faces that the most were Chinese ladies and lately the a number of Chinese ladies who suffered botched plastic surgery were operated performing protesting in Seoul South Korea and denouncing the shady intermediaries.

They compare with place like America!!! Let’s see…

So take a look at their paragraph to see how they show off (advertisement boast)… On the other word it’s still too early for them to claimed that Korea is the best plastic surgery in the world. But they should take a look at the horrible results from the first trip in 2012 until final results in 2015 to see whether it’s the hallmark of Korean plastic surgery or it’s the worst and the idiot plastic surgery in the world.

What makes Korea such as nightmare destination for plastic surgery compared to places like America? Let’s find out…

The simple answers are that Seoul Touchup doctors didn’t understand the Asian body at all.

That’s why they transformed my face from normal to defect, they disfigured my face instead, they neither admitted their mistake nor refund…”unethical business, irresponsible and completely untrustworthy”. But if my situation was happened in America I’m 100% sure that I’m not only have a refund but I also have compensate for the rest of my life that I have to suffered this permanent devastating results on my face.

As everyone know that in America people are the number one, it means people’s lives are really high protected compare to place like Korean country, they take high responsibility and compensate for what they had done on people’s lives. Therefore, all plastic surgeons are required board certified and fully qualified.

Also, Department of Health they come and check every clinic is very often, so if anyone engage in surgical procedures without having a proper license is often felony and commit a crime because they perform a dangerous procedures, if they’re convicted of practicing a profession without a license and caused harm people then they have to face penalties, jail, prison time depend on what they engaged…They have to pay for the victim and any court orders along with fine as a condition of any probation sentence…

As people known in America the the law is really tight, there’s no clinic dare to employ some doctors who didn’t have a proper license if something happen that clinic will be shut down right away. Not like Korean country they employ some junior doctors who just graduated from medical school then they operate on patients on behalf of the directing from other doctor when patients are unconscious from general anesthesia…. No wondered why there have so many international customer faces had been destroyed by them.

It seems like there is no protection from the Korean government…Therefore, many agencies, freelancers and illegal brokers take advantage of this opportunity to “trick” customers and making money by saying “Korea is the best plastic surgery in the world, Korean doctors understand the Asian body enough to created the natural looking results etc…” 

 That’s why there have so many international customers with Asian heritage got in these pitfalls of botched surgeries and complaints arising.

So with this brief I hope people understand what & why Plastic surgery in America vs. Korea. Therefore, everybody must stay away from this nightmare that I informed to save your life if anybody doesn’t want to have three misery trips like mine. As everybody knows  words cannot describe all these traumatic experiences that I suffered in 3 trips.

Also, everybody has to remember that we are in disadvantage because we live too far way from Korea, it’s really difficult for us to go back and forth to sue them if some procedures went wrong. It’s not worthy at all while we have to fly 30 hours travel time for each round trip to have the dumb freaken results.

As I mentioned above that the reason I chose Korea for my plastic surgery was because people say Korea is the best plastic surgery in the world, that’s why I wanted to spend my money at the best place in the world. It’s not means in America don’t have it, of course there is abundance of great surgeons in the 50 states and the price is not expensive at all.

Again, take a look at this photo to see the horrific shape that Seoul Touchup’s doctors created on my face. The part at the temples are narrow, the top of my right cheek is bump up when I smile, below that part 3 centimeters is sunken in, both cheeks are wider and the part from the temple go all the way down to my ears are depressed. This is the stupid freaking results and the stupid styles are called the hallmark of Korean plastic  surgery.

Plastic surgery in America vs. Korea

scar1Is this something that they would be interested to compare with place like America??? This’s a shame when they compare their plastic surgery with others. But in fact, their medical technics looked so sick.

I highly recommend that Seoul Touchup’s surgeons should come to (Miami Florida) to learn this technics from American’s surgeons that they perform this procedure inside the hairline (This is the the best technic to hide the scars around the hairline). As everyone can see their old and lousy technic that left some obvious scars on my face, it’s horrible felling whenever I tie my hair up.

It’s too early for them to claimed that Korean surgeons are the best in the world, but they should take a look at what their surgeons had done on my face in three trips to see that their surgeons are deserved to claimed to be the best or their surgeons such as the dumbest in this earth. Shame on these people that they claimed their surgeons are the best. But so far my eyelids have to underwent 2 times revision but they couldn’t make the same creases, my nose 3 times revision, my chin 3 times revision but with my full face lift their surgeons have to surrender with these permanent disasters, although these disasters were created by them but unfortunately, their surgeons didn’t have sufficiently trained to revision my full face to make it look natural again. True that Soul Touchup surgeons are specialize in botched face and disfigure face only. (I’m glad that these doctors are not my health case provider).

The correct way to do a chin in America and botched way in Korea:

Is there anything else that they would be interested to compare???

chins3Actually I don’t want to put some of these photos to compare with their plastic surgery. But I want to reveal their real nature for everyone see whether it’s exactly like what they show off (advertisement boast) on their website such as” Korean plastic surgeons are the most experience surgeons in the world”. Or Korean surgeons have the worst experience and the stupid style in the world that made me have nightmare every night…

These awful disgusting results are called the hallmark of Korean plastic surgery.

Medical Malpractice

final-6-images-st-logoJust because of their medical technics are SO SICK that’s why a strange, awful, ugly looking results on my face. But they kept insisting that my case is medically and cosmetically fine. Therefore, I have question for them that who’s the hell in right their mind want to spend $60k to get these types DISGUSTING FREAKEN  of the plastic surgeries???

So if I spend $60k to have this hideous disgusting face then I’d rather use this $60k to buy DIAMOND to wear it looks much ELEGANT than have this dumb results on my face.

Seoul Touchup promotes a “life-changing trip.”  well, my 3 trips turned my life miserable.

After three trips back and forth with traumatic experiences, financial lost for botched surgeries then I came back home and continue to find some plastic surgeons in U.S who’s specialist in facial reconstruction so they can fix my botched face. But all of them were rejected my case they said.

  • “They have been performed 22 thousand cases but they haven’t seen the results outcomes looked awful like this.
  • And another doctor right after he examined my skin condition he said. “Underneath of my skin there are so many scars were caused when doctors tried to inject the Goretax in and removed this stuff out, he also said underneath of my facial tissue have already messed up no way can fix”.
  • And the other doctor he said. “At my age it’s not necessary to have face lift so why I have to done this procedure that just waste my money?”.
  •  I said. “yes, I got in their trap” was because I trust them and do every single part on my face to have a harmony face like the way they suggested me. But unfortunately, Seoul Touchup surgeons they’re only able to do CRAP plastic surgery.

After three years of misery:

Now I realized that I just like a prey of someone whom kind like hungry money and convinced me do every single part on my face to take my money. Then left disastrous freaking results without refund nor compensate. (Shame on these people for lounging injustice business).

After my face was botched by Seoul Touchup’s surgeons they ignored me

Everybody must stay away from this agent because after all the $$$ money have already in their pocket it’s really hard to reach them, they said, we’re busy. Well,  I’m busy too.  But they have to wake up their mind and think about the reason I kept calling then was because my problem they’re not solve yet, not because I have so much spare time kept calling them.

I also asked their manager, I said. “I want to talk with your boss” (Seoul Touchup’s owner). But she refused. So if a integrity person why they tried to avoid face to face with customers???. My message to them is if their surgeons  unable to do like what they advertise on their website so they’d better shut down their business to save people’s lives. Stop put people’s lives in the risk and end up with hideous disgusting results. Stop ripping off innocent people’s hard earned money.

If their business has MORAL and were running an ETHICAL of the business have to refund and compensate for my face that they have ruined. The suffering that they caused me. The damage they have done and irreparable. A business without character shouldn’t become a business at all. No one making money by trick, lie, fraud, scam, irresponsible to their customers.

As on Seoul Touchup website they’re always telling people be caution. “There are many unethical clinics and agencies that gave many bad experiences to international customers”. But this is exactly they did to me.

Seoul Touchup says: “Seoul Touchup has witnessed those who end up dissatisfied with the results of surgery and how often they have had to undergo several revision surgeries.  Especially for the case for those who have to travel for seven to ten hours just come to Korea for plastic surgery.”

Actually I am one of those cases, I’m the one who had to travel 30 hours for each round trip. Three times back and forth overseas and under the knife many times to revision surgeries. Seoul Touchup should be ashamed— they see the faults in others but not in themselves.

Korean television features plastic surgery TV shows…

Yes there are even plastic surgery makeover shows on Korean television that promise results that make for better education, career and marriage.

TouchUp says on it’s website: “That customers do not need  to worry much, as long as the right surgeon is chosen, the results can be as successful, if not better than the ones shown on Korean makeover shows.”
stouch websiteYes can you believe it? Seoul Touchup actually warns potential patients on their own website to watch out for unqualified surgeons. But really they are taking patients to unqualified surgeons.

As they said the meaning of plastic surgery in Korea such as education, career and marriage. But can everyone imagine with some people who face have been disfigured and then they can find a good jobs while the companies are required them have to attach the photo on their resume??? Can everyone imagine that some guys will get marry with some girls who face have been destroyed???     (At least those guys are blind). So if their surgeons couldn’t do like what they said on the website so they’d better shut down their business to save people lives. Stop deceive innocent people’s hard earn money.

On Seoul Touchup website said. “Seoul Touchup is one of the few government approved with licensed medical tourism. It means we will advocate for your surgery and required record every event of your surgery trip and report to government for safety”.

So I wondered whether Seoul Touchup they report my event in three nightmare trips to their government that now I’m their victim with traumatic experiences, emotional trauma, physical injury, financial lost for botched surgeries yet???

In fact, they are worse than illegal brokers as freelancers. Because illegal brokers and freelancers they don’t take responsibility over medical procedures, not advocate for customers surgeries and they don’t ensure against unexpected situations.

Seoul Touchup itself warns of cases of dissatisfied, dismayed patients taken to unqualified surgeons who botch surgeries…

stouch-website3There have been rising cases of the dissatisfied and dismayed patients of plastic surgery. In 2013, more than 25,400 Chinese travelled to Seoul from China looking out to beautify themselves through Asia’s beauty haven with its cutting edge technology and preferred expertise. Yet, among the district’s hundreds of clinics, not every single one of them is a safe bet. As much as advertisements around subways or buses have led you to believe, it’s a dangerous world in Gangnam street. Dangerous in the sense of there being too many options to choose from, leaving one to wonder who is really trustworthy? Advertisements boast beautiful jaws from jawline surgery and large, even eyes can be achieved in Seoul. Jaw surgery is no child’s play, with major complications extending all the way to permanent nerve damage. For those who had put less thought into it, it’s easy for them to be given the short end of the stick there.

There are three Chinese women seek justice after plastic surgery gone wrong in Korea.

Then, I’m the fourth person who’s also seeking for justice after underwent so many times revision with nightmare experiences hardship with Seoul Touchup’s surgeons.  In the number of international customers who’re travel to Korea to have plastic surgery done, I believe that there’s no one has to suffered this traumatic experiences like mine.

Korean government should shut down dishonest businesses to save people’s lives—many international customers have had their faces disfigured and destroyed by them.

Therefore, everyone must beware and remember that there’re no companies, agencies ans clinics will advertise themselves as “bad” so take caution and make sure to avoid these pitfall as well as medical malpractice and complaints arsing . The 50 old Chinese woman unconscious after have treatment at clinic in Seoul city. Another lady attempted to suicide because of unqualified surgeon that ruined her face. There have some tourists who travel from China to Korea to have plastic surgery done then deeply regretted after they got disastrous results on their face. And there’re some Chinese ladies who’re seeking for justice after Korean surgeons did lousy surgeries on their face.

And me, I’m Asian American who’s also seeking for justice after have a botched face with three nightmare ugly trips with Seoul Touchup as well. 

Shame on this country that claimed the they are the best plastic surgery in the world but how come there have too much international customers have to cried out, attempted to suicide, deeply regretted and wishing didn’t see these dodgy surgeons so their face didn’t get disfigured as destroyed.

This story was seen as national embarrassment.

Korean plastic surgery horror stories in the news…

This is really shameful for a country that always claims Korea is the best place for plastic surgery in the world but the facts are:
  1. Korea is only the country in this world has the most international customer faces have been ruined, disfigured and destroyed by their plastic surgeries.
  2. Korea is only the country in this world has international customers performed protesting against their botched surgeries work and rising complaints. This story made international headline and comment suggesting that they’ve shamed their country.
True that Korea such as nightmare destination for plastic surgery.

Dear all members, if you are a victim of plastic surgery in Seoul South Korea so we have to voicing and protest against these BOGUS agencies and DOGGY doctors who had no MORAL and were running an UNETHICAL business that led our lives turned miserable. We have to reveal their real nature for everyone in this earth to see these people are lie, fraud, scam, deceive and swindle our money. Shame on these people who’s kind like hungry money then they’re lounging injustice business.

“Better a poor people who makes money by their integrity than a rich people who makes money by crooked ways”.

Chinese victims of failed plastic surgery in South Korea take to the streets of Seoul in protest

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The protesters say that they were mistreated throughout the process and claim that at one stage the hospital locked them in a dark room, had their passports seized and that they were arrested by police.

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Kim Bok-soon disliked her nose and had heard of a superstition that its hooked shape drains money. She started to fantasise about getting it “done” – a nose job.

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